Our Basic Product Designs

Welcome to the world of BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique, where each product is handcrafted by a mother who has raised 4 children, cared for dozens more through childcare & children’s ministry, and performed countless testings on our products, to ensure each item is the highest quality. Always created with our own patterns, using measurements of dozens of REAL children/pets- not store bought or free prints- & not just my own children- for over 7 years.

**Nearly 2 DECADES of diapering experience!!**


Every BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique cloth diaper and cloth training pant (excluding diaper covers& pockets-see below) has a very special quilted soaker, that draws moisture to the center of the soaker/insert and locks it there first.  This means less chance of leaks, and more superior stay-dry protection.

Check Out Our Fitted Diapers  >HERE<  

Find Our Diaper Inserts    >HERE<  

All In One & All In Two Diapers   >HERE<

See our Reusable Training Pants  >HERE<


Every BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique diaper cover is made with at least one layer of quality PUL waterproof material. We make each cover with the more comfortable “fabric” side facing your baby’s skin, so there is no “plasticy” stuff ever touching his/her sensitive skin.  Rest assured, the covers are still both wipe-able and reusable. Though our method means you can easily make ANY BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique cover an “AI2”, by simply laying an insert or contour diaper inside, making them much more versatile  than most diaper covers.

Also, Our covers can be worn over not just cloth diapers, but also disposable diapers as well. (GREAT for pictures, coverage under dresses, and infant shorts. )

Check Out Our Covers   >HERE<


BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique POCKET Diapers combine the ease of an AIO, and faster dry time of an AI2, into what is essentially a diaper cover, with an additional layer of fabric. This extra layer of fabric has an opening or “pocket”, so you can put a soaker insert inside.

Pocket diapers (without insert) can also be used as diaper covers and swim diapers.

Check  Our Pocket Diapers   >HERE<


After raising 4 messy boys&caring for dozens more through childcare, I created all my own patterns, which u see n every item in my shop.    

Rest assured that EVERY pattern I have has been tested on literally dozens of  babies and children of all sizes.

THAT is how I got my measurements.

Who really wants to trust some purchased or posted “pattern” that states what they think the sizes will fit, or companies that haven’t personally, vigorously tested their products?  After all, there is an up front investment to be made when you cloth diaper.



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