Recycle Recycle Recycle

I am big on recycling.

Here at BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique, we recycle EVERYTHING possible. From the basics that the local city recycling truck picks up every other week, to saving all our metal scraps from pop cans, food cans, jars, broken appliances, household items etc, and taking it to the local metal recycling plant.  We also “recycle” our food.  Old bread goes out for the birds and squirrels. Used tea & coffee grounds are saved and used as fertilizer in our house plants, and our flower gardens. (Try it- its AMAZING! & chemical free!) The rest of the food/compost items head off to our compost pile.

It is only natural that this strong family value I instill here at home, would carry over into my business and products.

FABRIC: I use every piece of fabric I can when making my products.  Smaller pieces are saved and cut into  things like quilting squares, used for hand appliques, etc.  The leftovers after that are saved and sent to local school art classes!  Those tiny scraps have been used for stuffing, collages, and even for making some pretty cool robots.

THREAD: If you sew, you know how many little pieces of loose thread are typically discarded during the process. Those little strings left  when you pull the item off the sewing machine, and the pieces left when you insert a new bobbin.  Well, I don’t send those to a landfill either.  I save each one, bundle and sent to local them all to local art classes as well!

OLD/BENT SEWING PINS, NEEDLES, Dull Rotary Blades:  These are all collected too and put with our general metal that I take to the Metal recycling center in bulk.


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