Thomas’s Success Today…

Thomas’s homework/spelling word story (hes nearly 10)… took 2 1/2hrs for him to write it out. But he stuck with it like a champ.
We didn’t get the rest of his homework done(this was only 1/2), but hey, he actually stuck with it, a milestone on its own, when writing is a very difficult thing for him to do. It is VERY hard for him to write words at all, & he has an Obsessive need to color in parts of certain letters, which takes even longer. We are down to fitting words on a single, wide ruled line now, writing on every other line.
Very proud of him today…





We Have been discriminated against!!

MY KIDS WERE Discriminated against by the Big Brothers Big Sisters program!!!!! I have a letter of proof and everything! We applied and were approved I have been on the waiting list for years! They never said anything until now! I call at least once a month and always have! NOW They claim they told me this a year ago!!

I call regularly and always have for years. Everytime I call they tell me the person in charge of our case quit or moved or Is in a meeting and so on. I leave message after message, And all they have said in the past is that were on the list and still waiting.

NOW I just got a letter in the mail that says they’ve been trying to reach me by phone & were removed from the program in fall 2012.

I’m just in shock! I read the letter to legal aid & they agreed- yes, this is discrimination, right there in writing. But I don’t know what to do or how I want to handle it. 

I mean, if it was just about, so I could kind of understand- But Christopher too?! everyone loves Christopher. He’s the people pleaser, teachers pet! other than a case of missing homework here or there, he is never gotten in trouble at school or anywhere else. People love him. They tell me how sweet & wonderful he is.

and they have absolutely no record of Andrews case at all! They flat out closed our entire family! All my kids!

I can’t believe this….

Yet again…

So Michael refuses to accept he has issues. No matter how many doctors, teachers, case managers, counselors, etc etc, tell him and try to show him how plans, medications, etc, could help.

Everyday, chores dont get done, baths get skipped, dirty laundry gets left everywhere, money & important documents get lost. But, he still refuses to accept thus get needed help.

He squeezed his giant size 13.5 feet into yet another pair of his little Brothers brand new socks, as hes worn all his own out again. So now, Christopher’s new  socks are all ruined…

THEN he goes to school, pouts to a professor,  & got *6* offers for a new bike! THIS IS EXACTLY WHY HE NEVER LEARNS! 

WHY does 99% of people just hand him whatever he wants??!!

I try to teach him responsibility & others undermine me by giving him everything he wants anyway!

Well, hes 18. I cant MAKE him get help. No more than I can stop people from bowing down to his every whim… sigh…

Its bedtime here & Im worn out. 9 hours straight without a break, on concrete floors of a super hot warehouse today. My head is throbbing & it doesn’t help that I now have to figure out how to come up with money to buy Christopher new socks AGAIN.

Menards Labor Day Sale!

Drywall on sale for $4.99 each!!!  Carpet remnents additional 25% off!!!!  I only wish I had more $$!!

Took our last $100 & bought 8 sheets of drywall & a large carpet remnant for the 3rd floor.
…and somehow got it all home.

I have to cut all the drywall before I can take it all the way to the 3rd floor.

But gotta get kids situated for the night before that though.

Need drywall??  GO FAST!! LIMIT 50/customer!  Cant beat that price!

Trying to stay positive.

So, today started out ok. Got Christopher off to school, got the 2 youngest up…
Andrew today, stylin’:


…then Andrew comes in tell to tell me our 2nd floor hall was flooded. Apparently, a pipe for the hot water heater popped off at some point. Thomas THEN tells me “oh yeah, I meant to tell you about that yesterday…” sigh. 

So, I had to shut the water off, & of course all I had to soak it up was our best/only bath towels.

Yeah. Meanwhile,  the boys played instead of getting dressed & ready for school.

And of course, Thomas lost his shoes AND school bag that were not supposed to leave the front door/foyer.

After hunting his stuff down, & making it to the bus stop, I came in to find broken tools, trash, & just mess left over from Michael. More damage done than the work he was paid to do. And, he, seeing me cleaning up the disaster in the kitchen while at the same time replying to customer emails, without pause, asks what paid job I have for him today. The *1* day HE comes& asks, and it’s while watching me fix his mess… then he got upset, stomped, & yelled because I wasn’t answering him fast enough.

So, after 2hours of recon, I then had to take him to his school again to turn in his social security card…( he has lost 2 official social security cards in the last month).  On the way, he asked why Im keeping THIS card, why I need it, & why he cant just have it…..sigh… my reply was “for situations exactly like this one. What Would you do right now if it wasn’t for my now last copy of your card?” Today was his last day that he could turn it in before he loses all of his financial aid. He Does not have any of the paperwork you need to get a Social Security card or even a printout at all. He has already lost it all.

So moving on, I get home and call Christopher’s doctors office for the billionth time since his appointment a month ago . And sat on hold for 10 minutes until I was sent to voicemail. Again. Christopher failed his hearing test July 22nd, And the doctors office said to wait 24 hours for them to fax the paperwork to Children’s Hospital so he could get his big test done right away before school started. I waited, and then call Children’s Hospital to find out the order was never faxed. Ever since then I have been calling his doctor and leaving message after message with no reply. I left another message on the nurse’s line, and a message on the appointment line too.  It’s really frustrating. Christopher would have had plenty of time to do it before school started if I could have gotten the paperwork on time. now he is going to miss a full day of school…

And on to the rest of the day.
Lots of running around /errands. Back home and finally get a call back about Christopher. Basically I was told that the next step is for Children’s Hospital to call me but they finally got the paperwork sent over.

So, into the evening.  Hot water heater guy still MIA (8:30pm), kids home, readied, & in bed, more maternity hung in the shop, etc…

Whew. Typical day here. And still didn’t get even 1/2 of what needed to be done today done. Every now and then, I track my typical day so I can look back & understand why Im stiff, hurting,  & plain worn out at the end of the day.  Because once we are all here, safe, and settled, it’s easy to forget what caused the symptoms… & tomorrow I will get up and do it all over again…

We have HOT WATER!!!

Yay!! A huge accomplishment today!  We have hot water!

What a big difference hot water makes! My skin is softer & feels hydrated instead of Crinkly and dried out.

I ended up going electric. & fyi: Menard’s beat Home Depot’s price by $100 on the water heater. Yes, $100. It pays to shop around.

We have all endured cold showers for what seemed like FOREVER. Of course, the boys have had opportunity for hot showers elsewhere, but I haven’t.

So, today is a pretty big accomplishment…