Tabby/Calico Mix

Age: Approx 4yrs

Rescued from local animal shelter

We got Peaches in 2012, and it was kind of unplanned.  

We had 2 cats already, but 3 younger boys. This meant if they were all cuddling, one was left out.

Christopher and I went in to LOOK at the cats and Peaches tag read 

“friendly but VERY shy cat. hides from everyone.”

Well, she certainly didn’t “hide” from Christopher.

And before I knew it, she was headed home with us.

She is a BIG cat.  Very sweet and affectionate. 

When we 1st brought her home she disappeared into our house for 3 days!  I was afraid she had gotten out somehow or something, until one night, Michael woke up and saw her darting through the hall.

A day later, we finally coaxed her out and she’s been super happy and fearless ever since.

She really LOVES Andrew!

She will seek him out 1st for affection.



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