6′ 3″, 190lbs

17 yrs old

Gifts: MINISTRY, Sports, Leadership

Has already been accepted to MULTIPLE Christian Colleges including,

Boston Baptist College, Lee University, Miami University, Liberty University, & counting!

He has not chosen a college at date, BUT will be majoring in Pastoral Studies.

The “Pretty Boy-meets- rock star.”

Michael’s conception came about from very negative circumstances, but even at 14, and not yet a Christian, I KNEW he had a big purpose in life.

His conception was not his fault & I refused to let a living baby suffer for someone’s evil act.

Our start was very rough.  We were completely alone, and bounced around homeless shelters etc for years, and since I was too young to get a job, literally survived by picking up loose change off city streets until old enough to work.

(I refused welfare.)

He was a VERY sick baby, with lots of hospitalizations& scary Dxs, including at 6mths, I found out he only had 5% hearing.

Most of which God has healed to date.

God provided, just as He does for the sparrow. It was always just enough.

17 years later,

Michael now is an ACP student,

does public speaking events about HIS side surrounding his conception/life,

runs a Bible study group at his local public HS,

a Lettered JHS & HS football player,

lead an Anti-bullying campaign for elementary students,

was selected and took part in Senior Civic Day,

fluent in ASL,

very musically talented- vocally, as well as many instruments,

has a vital role in his church youth band and assists the main service music,

as well as volunteers in bike ministry-

building bikes for the needy, so they have transportation to/from work so they can become self sufficient.

Not to mention just a GREAT looking young man!

Everyday I am amazed on how far he has come, against so many odds.


Michael with youngest brother, Andrew   63115_4903251549534_322148711_n


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