12 years

4′ 11″ (size 10- little guy)

Dxs: Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, multiple delays that he has overcome

People Person

Friendly, Caring

Loves outdooors/nature, collects rocks for display


Favorites Colors: “Red, White, & Blue & anything CAMO!”

I’m not sure how or where it started- it’s like he was just BORN with it- Christopher’s love of all things patriotic, military, and Marines.

Even his bedroom decor is American Flags, red, white, blue, & camo.

Do NOT disgrace America or drop a flag on the ground in front of this kid.

(The army surplus store recently even gave him extra pcs for his ALICE system(see above photos) for free, after the owner accidentally knocked  over a large flag and Christopher literally DOVE and caught it before it hit the ground.)

He has informed me from a very young age that his calling is to be a MARINE.

He loves military museums, parades etc.

He is also my SKATER DUDE-

I have been amazed how quickly a child that once was in PT & OT, has picked up this skill so quickly!

He literally gets followed around by girls because they claim he looks like Justin Beiber!

Vocally talented and has been in 2 Childrens Choirs- winning 1st place, 2nd place, AND GRAND CHAMPION in various 2012 competitions.

He was also part of the WORLD CHOIR GAMES 2012 in Cincinnati!

2012 was his 1st year  “singing.” He also has done some local acting, and is learning to play the drums.

He does have ADHD, as well as sensory issues, BUT has come a very long way.

This is the child, that just a handful of years back, couldn’t handle being in a room with people- he’d hid under tables.

The sound of an intercom was TOO MUCH for him to handle. & He was speech delayed.

God has performed amazing miracles in his life over these past 3 years!

He is in regular classes with no IEP now, and is a pretty steady Silver Honor Roll Student.

I have strong hope he will be able to come off his Rxs by high school.



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