7 years

about 40lbs, size 5/6 clothes

DX: Speech Delay, burn victim(2007), medical issues-see below

Over all Happy Kid

CRAVES positive attention

Talents: Art, drawing

Wants to be an Artist when Grown Up

Favorite Color: Black, Blue, Neon Green

“Typical” functioning, Speech Delay/IEP for Speech

Had a very rough pregnancy&delivery, and Drs didn’t think he’d survive.

He also was severely burned at 1 1/2, and spent about a month in Shriner’s ICU.

It was another very close call.

He is doing much better today, but can not be in the sun for extended periods and must wear protective clothing & sunblock.

He also is struggling blood count issues- not yet figured out.

He’s a little guy, very active, and eats well, but his cholesterol etc, are extremely high. Doctors are concerned it could be related to a heart problem and will be retesting him soon, to see if his special dietary changes have helped.

Just like each of his older brothers, he had an inner ear defect that decreased his hearing some what in the beginning- has since been corrected, and has perfect hearing now.



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