By now, you may be wondering: “so what the heck is the fascination with BEES?! Where on earth did THAT come from??”

Well. Let me explain. Years back, I was told the story of the BumbleBee, and it changed my entire prospective on life.

Bumblebees have fat, heavy bodies, but small thin wings. According to science, they can not fly- their tiny wings just aren’t large enough to support their bodies….

But do you see bumblebees crawling around on the ground?? Certainly not.  Despite what “others” say about them, they get up, dust themselves off and FLY anyway.  They do what GOD created them to do!  They choose NOT to focus on what “others” tell them is “impossible.”

To this very day, every time I see a bee, I am reminded *I* was created with a purpose too. Each of my children were created with a purpose.  NO ONE can take away YOUR God-given purpose.   It is hard sometimes, I know.  BUT.  Find your purpose, focus on it, and don’t let others discourage you from it!


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