Hey! I’m still alive!

I’m still alive!! lol!

Wow soooo much has happened. Some major crises, some  positive, & LOTS of changes!

The BIGGEST change with the store is I moved! We got out of the dead mall and into a much busier area & larger store 6 mths ago. We are now 8,000sq ft!

That has been a rollar coaster on its own. Especially now with having 2 of m just my children about 90% of the time (accept when they are at school of course) and 1, 100% of the time. I can’t go into detail obviously as to why. Thomas, now 13yrs old just graduated from a partial hospital program after a year of treatment for Trauma & PTSD and is now going to Junior High School full time just last week! I’m so excited for him and the amazing changes he has made. He has blossomed so much- he’s learned social skills and has friends. He’s learning to speak up for himself and that his rights/desires matter no matter where he is. He even did cross country this school year and is currently in Drama Club, as well as a few different church groups. His fears, nightmares, etc are gone. I am so proud of his healing & growth. Now that he is 13 though, I am preparing for the hormonal mess that will come SOON. (Luckily I’ve survived it twice already and know what to expect.) 😉

My oldest, Michael, will be 22 this year and is currently enlisted, active duty & unfortunately we haven’t seen him in about a year. He gave me a necklace before he left a couple years ago and I have never taken it off since. It has become a symbol to strength/to remind me to stay strong.

Christopher is now 16 and in NJROTC, 2nd year. He is still the sweet, caring young man he has always been. Andrew is now 11, meaning I don’t have any LITTLES anymore! They are all growing up super fast- preteens and up!

I haven’t gotten a lot done to our house. But I have a few things in the works * hope to start some major things soon.

So the store. I am still working alone and just this month am starting to feel the work piling on as we are starting to get busier and busier. Hoping it keeps up! 8,000sq ft is A LOT to do alone, so I gotta keep growing in order to hire help. I will try to add some pictures on here if I can figure our how again. 😉

find the store on facebook and google under “Bee U Retail”



New store picture in this post is a little older, but all I have on my computer right now. 😉