It’s been a long while since I have been on here! I’d like to say I’m RICH now but I’ve reinvested all profit right back into the business. 😉

I still run 6500sq ft by myself with 3 kids in tow. (Michael is all grown up & in the Army now far far away.) Christopher is 15 now & in NJROTC. Thomas is doing much better. Andrew is about to see a special Dr due to “nodules” growing in his lymph nodes. Apparently this can just be “normal.” I’ve set my current store’s stock room up kinda like an apt-it has a twin bed, full size frig, microwave, coffee maker, tv/vcr, etc-to keep the kids entertained at work.

We have grown to the LARGEST Consignment store that sells ALL SIZES for everyone. I have awesome customers & consignors from as far away as 4hrs.

BUT alas, I am in the middle of a dead mall with no signs. I have hit a glass ceiling on our growth here. Its really bitter sweet-the kids have had a blast discovering all the hidden places inside the dead mall & really have a lot to do there.

But with the ancor stores planning on moving & the no signs part, its A LOT of leg work to get people to realize we are in there.

So its time to move on!

I’m moving my packed 6,500sq ft store to TRICOUNTY, where I will an ancor store @ 8,000sq ft. & reading old messages from 2yrs ago, its JUST as scary! Lol it makes the last move seem soooo tiny!

All my regular customers & consignors are super excited & tellme I am going to do so much better.

A– VERY busy area& high visibility

B–NO competition(upscale/higher rents keep other resale shops away)

C– still right off 275 (which has been a lucky accident for current location/easy access from all over the Tristate)

I started moving everything April 1st & I’d say Ive moved about 1/4…i have 1 month left to move the rest, be dully set up, & open. Gulp. Starting out I assume will be tough but once I get everything going I can finally hire help and take some breathing room.

It’s scary to put EVERYTHING on the line like this. To know that in 6mths, I will either be much better off OR have completely failed and lost everything. Very scary. But the cross road has come and there really wasn’t another viable option except this next leap.

My mission is still the same. To support my family & to help others do the same. To break down stereotypes and show others they aren’t what the world labels them.