Our pipes broke & flooded our basement 2 weeks ago. I used the money I had saved up for the store & to go see my oldest son in the army to fix them.
I have tried to think positive — at least I had the money at all. Today I woke up, after leaving all water running since & it being 75 in our house, to busted pipes & flooded basement AGAIN.

We fall through every crack for help. & between this kinda stuff EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. And people’s negative comments toward anyone who actually TRIES to be self sufficient vs living off others & the government is just too much.

Its amazing the hate mail I get because I’m NOT living in section 8 housing on welfare.

Then add the trolls who have nothing better to do than post negative comments on my business ads. People who know nothing about me yet stumbled across my ads & decide to post lies just for fun.

I’m out of money. I’ve tried & failed. My business is just FINALLY turning a “profit” but not enough to cover all this kinda stuff. I was SO.CLOSE.

To top it off my kids look me in the eye & tell me things like “I only feel safe with YOU mommy.” & counselors etc have taken steps on this. I can’t go into detail but its going to be VERY HARD to stand up & say I’m confident in keeping them “safe” tomorrow when I can’t do simple things like keep our pipes from busting.

I already feel like a FAILURE at everything & if you are one of the NEGATIVE PEOPLE who have nothing better to do then bash me and MY THOUGHTS & FEELINGS THAT I HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE know YOU are directly responsible for destroying those like me who have actually TRIED in life AND you are also directly responsible for DISCOURAGING OTHERS FROM TRYING!!!

It’s sad that there’s more people out to DESTROY in this world then those trying to blaze a new path & SUPPORT those who are trying.

I have seen that people read into more than what’s there because they have issues within THEIR SELF & make assumptions in their bashing that make no sense, about things not even stated.

I have NEVER PUT DOWN ANYONE. I’ve stated some things CONFUSE me. I’ve stated I AM THANKFUL in a way for NOT having things handed to me my whole life. But I have NEVER, NOT ONCE ATTACKED OR TORN APART ANYONE FOR THEIR LIFE CHOICES!

But in the end it doesn’t matter. There are ALWAYS people around to attack/bash every single thing you try to do.

I work all.the.time. Theres no breaks. Theres no down time. Theres no friends or significant others or family around who can are willing to stick around. Everything is constant multi-tasking, including every post I post, here, on my phone, while trying to act like “everythings gonna be fine” while getting kids ready for school. But its not. I have kept HOPE that if I just keep doing the right thing & trying harder every day, that things would get BETTER.

It’s getting harder & harder to hold on to that hope….


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