My Business: Where I started to Where I am TODAY. (in pictures)

Step #1 was online, so not really a “photo” of that. 😉

Step #2: 10806194_396225083879137_8063November 2013. About 200sq ft.

Step #3: 10348598_316649398503373_6367482579850418003_n June 2014. About 1300sq ft.

Step #4: wpid-img_20140713_210834.jpgwpid-img_20140713_211216.jpg10587097_949528181740869_2010674408_o August 2014. 6,300+ sq ft. NOTE: These photos are a bit old. I have this store PACKED now. And still PLENTY of potential consignors waiting to sign up. The list is currently closed, as I am in the process of taking over some other local shops- moving each into MY boutique. I have been pretty backed up and am looking into hiring help. (A whole new thing to learn!) Customers come from an hour or more away because I carry ALL sizes. Today, a family stated they drove over 2 HOURS to get here. It is EXCITING to see how many families are helped via my store.

STEP #5:    ……………… WHAT IS NEXT FOR US?????

All I can say is I definitely want to continue in a way that not only supports my household, but also the community! I dream of the day I am financially large enough to start giving back to the area in even BIGGER ways. I am eagerly looking for how to get to that day!


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