…Is This My Next Leap of Faith??

I came into this year just KNOWING somehow that THIS year is MY YEAR. But IDK what exactly that means!
Is it business? relationships? my home? everything???

Well, as those who know me know, God has to forcibly SHOVE me outa my current situation a lot of times, in a very drastic way to get me to SEE the NEXT LEVEL He has for me! That time may just be RIGHT NOW!! I have been pushed closer to the edge of the leap a couple times and now I am VERY close to having to make the choice to leap or not.

I HATE  not knowing the outcome ahead of time! The higher the risk the harder the choices are. It is difficult to plan for those “what ifs” when they are GIANT. I keep my word and follow through. I do NOT like to make deals based on “if” something works out! I do NOT like owing anyone money for that same reason.

BUT those the the things that FORCE the type of person I am to FULFILL them!

For example my house. An investor and a bank took a giant risk pushing through an “as is” conventional mortgage for someone who couldn’t show HOW I was going to pay! Now we have a HUGE, 4,000 sq ft home in a great historic neighborhood, for less than a 1 bedroom apartment. I made that deal, and you better believe I am NEVER going to mess that up!

So, here I am at another possible cross road. I am talking another H U G E leap of faith! The biggest yet. I am STRONGER now. I am as determined as ever. And let’s face it. It is who I am! I am ALWAYS looking for the next step. The next glass ceiling. The next thing that the world says I CAN’T do!

Please join me in prayer over this current situation. Thank you.


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