Life Can Change In An Instant.

Last Wednesday started out like any other Wednesday morning. Christopher(14) looked just fine. He headed off to school just like any other day. I got the other 2 up and off to school an hour later, then settled in to bed, after being sick since Saturday evening, hoping to get some rest before heading back to work. Finally I was going to REST and give myself some time to heal.

That is when everything changed. The school called. Christopher had something major going on with his heart, couldn’t feel his legs, heart rate 168, purple, clammy, etc. He needed to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY!  He had just been sitting in class when it happened. No history of heart issues.

After a day at the hospital, he is stable and doing ok. They rules out all the basics, like medications or panic attack etc.  This week will be full of countless heart tests. He isn’t allowed to do anything “active” so he has basically just sitting next to me. I am supposed to keep him “calm”….. yeah… a 14 year old hormonal teen. That is right there with trying to “calm” an active volcano… 😉

More info late when we find out what is going on…


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