Some Things Confuse Me…

So you probably know my story by now. Single mom, 4 boys, no family/help. Very very very little money… As in our monthly income is about what a person makes in a week.

Yet we have a 26+ room house. And a 6,300 sq ft store. I run our house ALONE. And the entire business ALONE. Along with the boys, I take care of their 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, & snail tank. I do mountains of laundry for both home & business, without a dryer, having to hang everything down to the last sock up to dry. (One of these days I will have the $$$ to get the electric put in for the dryer.)

I keep our lawn mowed, sidewalks shoveled, & try to keep presentable landscapes around the house.

Did I mention my boys &I have have attention AND sensory issues?? (& other special needs)

But I do it.
Then I come across a blog of a married woman of 3 who can’t remember to even pay their bills, to the point things get shut off– not because they don’t have money BUT ONLY because as a Stay at home mom, she “has too much” to do/handle. Um. Wow…

I just don’t get it.

And I have parents who come in to the store who are doing 99% for their daughter because, well, “she’s a single mom (of 1)& that is just too much to handle it all herself.”. WHAT?! I can’t help but wonder sometimes what its like to have a choice. BUT I also see the enabling. So, I’m kinda thankful in a way. Would I be this far if I had a fall back plan?? I don’t know…


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