Well, I just feel the need to post as it keeps getting away from me.


We had a snow, melt, refreeze, then rain Sunday, and when I got home from work, we had 2 roof leaks- one pouring in from a window into our main stair well and, when I went up to the 3rd floor to investigate, another teeny leak up there too.

I figured out the window leak was from water getting into the box gutters, & running down the siding and into the window. It has not happened since and it looks simple enough I can fix it myself…only issue is getting 3 stories up there to do it. I’m positive its one of those ‘only when it rains in a weird direction OR water freezes up in a weird direction’ kinda leaks. (2 different houses we lived in when I was married had the same, weird, 1 time and never again kinda leaks like this.)

So, it comes down to the fact I REALLLLY gotta repair and seal my box gutters and it’s on the list as soon as I find $$$. I plan to get some quotes closer to spring, just to see if its worth hiring someone vs me trying to do it all myself.

AND the leak on the 3rd floor- this is a leak that left me wondering how many people have these leaks and never know unless/until it gets worse… It has been raining all day and the carpet was barely damp. It is a VERY slow drip, that I only noticed because I happened to be standing directly under it when it dripped. I stuck a bucket under it but there wasn’t even anything to dump out the next day. This could be a freak 1 time thing too, but simple enough to fix, as that part of the roof is still bare studs and I should be able to fix it from the inside.  I think I can fix both myself for somewhere between $25- $50. So, all in all, nothing I can’t repair once I find a BIG ladder and a warm, dry day. 😉


Well, I am hanging in there. Things are starting to come together but January is pretty slow. Money is insanely tight and will be over the next month or 2 I expect. I am working on more advertising, which costs more $$$, which is causing most of that “tightness.” But the FB page is up to 5,136 likes already which is pretty cool. And I have an appt this weekend for a possible GIANT consignment order- would basically be adding a store into my store- so hoping for the best for that. I have also had a handful of people say they plan to bring in donation, so we shall see.

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