Michael has Shipped!

Well, I closed the store the weekend before Christmas through this weekend– we all needed a break & I had to catch up on house stuff.

One BIG reason is Michael is now gone. He shipped out yesterday.
I have pictures, but since I’m not at work, I’m posting from my phone & it wont let me add the photos!!

He will be gone for about 6mths& then at that time, I will drive 10+he’s to GA to see him at Ft Benning before the army sends him to his next destination.

As soon as I get to a computer, I will post all the photos. UPDATED!! PHOTOS BELOW!! 🙂



Our Christmas Tree…


Our Christmas tree. Lights don’t work and its lop sided BUT we are thankful to have a tree at all.

One day, we will look back on this and remember how far we have come…