I haven’t been able to post much anymore as I’ve been super busy…

The store is slowly growing, but I just don’t see it as much as others. Its like when people who haven’t seen your child in a little while, say they have grown.

Being Black Friday & Small Business Saturday, we have a lot of people finding the store for the 1st time too.  I have some ideas in mind to help but haven’t acted on anything new yet.

Everything else is about the same… except I am even more tired.



Well… there is just so much that goes into all this.

AUGUST was our 1st month in the bigger store, & sales nearly doubled! It was exciting, & I thought proof the bigger store was a good move.

Then SEPTEMBER came… still higher than the smaller store BUT lower than August by about $200…

OCTOBER was back up, but not as high as that August, even though we had our highest sales day to date this month. Sales were about $100 more than September.

And now we are on to November. I have ads on Facebook and Craigs List. I am still trying to figure out how else I can get my name out…with out having any $$$.

Nothing really to shout about yet, but I am trying…