Interviewing people is weird. I’m getting resumes from people with way more retail experience than I have. …I haven’t figured out yet if that is good or bad.

I have to make sure I stay strong & confident, & not let someone try to come in & take over. I’m a little concerned about this, as my past is filled with examples of my failures with this.

But I feel stronger now.

I have been interviewing potential tenants & finally think I found one yesterday. He was ready to sign, but I didn’t bring the lease (after many showings that didn’t work out.) He is single retired veteran, who now spends his spare time working for Habitat for Humanity. That’s right- he fixes houses for fun. I’m excited, but trying not to be yet in case something falls through.

AND THEN THERE’S THE STORE. I have my very 1st interview today! I have no idea what I am doing, & just pray it doesn’t show lol. I’m looking to hire help as a 1099, as needed, for odd jobs around the store. I feel this is better starting out as I have no idea how I will afford it yet, & also figure if they don’t work out, it’s a matter of just not calling them the next time, instead of having to fire them & deal with a mess. Also, each time they come work will be like an interview to prove if I can trust leaving them to run the store down the road, as I’d like to find someone to open my store on Fridays.

If all goes well, I may be able to hire someone in time for this weekend – when we have our Halloween event & I haven’t gotten even *1* volunteer set up to help so far. (& 30 families signed up+ who knows how many coming who didn’t sign up.)

I could go on & on about my failed attempts to find people for both of these situations, but its not worth it. Once I find good fits, it won’t matter.


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