The New Window Phone. DON’T DO IT.

I’d have a lot more posts on here if it weren’t for spending hours typing up a post with my windows phone app, only for it to VANISH.  The new windows phone stinks. Yeah, the camera is better, BUT I can only upload *1* photo at a time, when it decides to upload at all, onto the Facebook page.

It does NOT support our credit card company, SQUARE, because windows wants you to use THEIR, very very expensive register app. Thankfully, I kept my old phone and use the wifi at the store. Their’s is like $30/mth PLUS 30c per transaction PLUS a % of sales. That is just  crazy. Square has no monthly fees and doesn’t charge for the readers, stickers, etc; there are no per transaction fees- just a smaller % of total fee.

Also, the Facebook Manager App that allows you to access your business pages is extremely limited. What is FREE/INCLUDED on my old phone, costs $$$ on the windows version.

You can not copy and paste like you can on an any android! That means if you type out a big message, & windows decides it doesn’t feel like sending at the moment, you can not copy it and try again. It is just GONE and you have to start over.

There were a few games I played on my Android phone for down time, when waiting for appts etc. But, they are NOT supported on the WINDOW PHONE. Some of them are attached to Facebook. So that is now gone too.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. It just isn’t living up to the HYPE when you can’t get anything you need or want to either work right OR for free like they are on other phones.



3 thoughts on “The New Window Phone. DON’T DO IT.

  1. I am a windows phone user i too manage pages through my phone mostly at first it was difficult because the copy paste things is not good. but later i found a way which i will tell. all windows phones come preinstalled OneNote app. while writing first write the whole post in one note. it will be saved even after you leave the app in background. and when ever you want you can add content or remove content. after completing the post just copy the whole thing and post using pages manger.

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