Send your prayers of safety please!



Interviewing people is weird. I’m getting resumes from people with way more retail experience than I have. …I haven’t figured out yet if that is good or bad.

I have to make sure I stay strong & confident, & not let someone try to come in & take over. I’m a little concerned about this, as my past is filled with examples of my failures with this.

But I feel stronger now.

I have been interviewing potential tenants & finally think I found one yesterday. He was ready to sign, but I didn’t bring the lease (after many showings that didn’t work out.) He is single retired veteran, who now spends his spare time working for Habitat for Humanity. That’s right- he fixes houses for fun. I’m excited, but trying not to be yet in case something falls through.

AND THEN THERE’S THE STORE. I have my very 1st interview today! I have no idea what I am doing, & just pray it doesn’t show lol. I’m looking to hire help as a 1099, as needed, for odd jobs around the store. I feel this is better starting out as I have no idea how I will afford it yet, & also figure if they don’t work out, it’s a matter of just not calling them the next time, instead of having to fire them & deal with a mess. Also, each time they come work will be like an interview to prove if I can trust leaving them to run the store down the road, as I’d like to find someone to open my store on Fridays.

If all goes well, I may be able to hire someone in time for this weekend – when we have our Halloween event & I haven’t gotten even *1* volunteer set up to help so far. (& 30 families signed up+ who knows how many coming who didn’t sign up.)

I could go on & on about my failed attempts to find people for both of these situations, but its not worth it. Once I find good fits, it won’t matter.

The New Window Phone. DON’T DO IT.

I’d have a lot more posts on here if it weren’t for spending hours typing up a post with my windows phone app, only for it to VANISH.  The new windows phone stinks. Yeah, the camera is better, BUT I can only upload *1* photo at a time, when it decides to upload at all, onto the Facebook page.

It does NOT support our credit card company, SQUARE, because windows wants you to use THEIR, very very expensive register app. Thankfully, I kept my old phone and use the wifi at the store. Their’s is like $30/mth PLUS 30c per transaction PLUS a % of sales. That is just  crazy. Square has no monthly fees and doesn’t charge for the readers, stickers, etc; there are no per transaction fees- just a smaller % of total fee.

Also, the Facebook Manager App that allows you to access your business pages is extremely limited. What is FREE/INCLUDED on my old phone, costs $$$ on the windows version.

You can not copy and paste like you can on an any android! That means if you type out a big message, & windows decides it doesn’t feel like sending at the moment, you can not copy it and try again. It is just GONE and you have to start over.

There were a few games I played on my Android phone for down time, when waiting for appts etc. But, they are NOT supported on the WINDOW PHONE. Some of them are attached to Facebook. So that is now gone too.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. It just isn’t living up to the HYPE when you can’t get anything you need or want to either work right OR for free like they are on other phones.


Gloomy Day

Today is rainy & gloomy, and that’s how I feel right now too. It’s already 11am & I haven’t accomplished anything past getting the kids up, ready, & off the school.

I got a call that I may have an electric furnace coming. I’m going to clean up my 13yr old’s room, & prep the area, but not getting excited until everything is official. As for other house stuff, I did get more flooring layer in the laundry room& paint scrapped as well since the last post about that. But as for today, I’m trying to force myself up still.

Part of me says sitting here doing nothing is fine, because I haven’t stopped working in days again, pushing myself all week. The other part knows how much (never ending) work needs to be done! The store is taking a lot out of me as well, & I’m going to need help soon, but still not making enough money to hire help…


I have been super busy and I got a new phone- so haven’t been able to post. During the this time, I started working on replacing the kitchen floor and laundry room floor. It renews a my faith that this house will be an AWESOME mansion again gone day!

As a lot of times it still feels so torn up and overwhelming. Each time I get a change and the energy to work on a house project it renew that faith and make me feels a lot better.

KITCHEN BEFORE– old, torn up and depressingly UGLY:


And $50 (and a few hrs of labor) later:


And that is my, Drama King from birth, 13 1/2yr old Christopher. 😉  The whole floor will cost about $75.

& I did not take a before of the LAUNDRY ROOM because it just just nasty- you can find photos of how it looked way back in my posts from when I bought the house. Before we moved in I spent DAYS scraping up several layers of horribly nasty peel & stick tiles, down to an old nasty, stained up linoleum floor which I left til now. No matter how much I cleaned it, the stains were saturated through (in both rooms) and it still looks nasty dirty. I have been embarrassed to let people come over etc because of it.

This photo shows just 1/2 of the laundry room finished- 44sq ft shown. The entire room will cost about $40 for the approx 130 sq ft space. This rooms WAS “apt 2” kitchen & may be listed as such in old posts. I now refer to it as “the laundry room” because is the end goal for this 2nd floor room. I still need Plumbing and electric repaired/ and installed for my washer and dryer, which will cost about $300 (lowest quote to date). To us, that is just way too much to come up with all at once and I have been working on it over the last year.


Both floors total at least 312 sq ft and it was a total of about $126, as the tiles were on sale at Menards. It is not anything fancy BUT make a HUGE difference in the feel of the rooms.

HISTORY FACTS for those New to My blog:

I bought our house off the foreclosure list last year. It has sat on the list for so long that that city had already pulled the utilities from the home. It is a huge undertaking BUT it is in a good neighborhood and keeps a roof over our heads. At the time, I had a little money stashed but monthly our income was so little that we couldn’t even afford a 1 bedroom apt. So I took this giant leap of faith, took the little money I had saved, and invested in a house instead of just a couple more months of renting, to which, we would have ran out of money and hit an end.

This historic home is 3 stories, has over 2 dozen rooms (I always lose count!), including 7 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, etc. It also has a full basement.  It was turned into a 4 family apt building so I am not sure the original layout.  The foundation and roof on the MAIN house are good, but the rest needs a lot of work… A LOT. Once the house is rehabbed, it will be worth at least 10X the purchase value, per the city. It may end up costing me MORE than the value to fix it by the end, BUT keep in mind we are also living here and elsewhere would be just dumping 3X as money (that I don’t have) away on a rental anyway. At least here it costs us less monthly and will belong to us when finished.

We need a lot of plumbing, electric, roofing, windows, etc done still and I am just waiting patiently in faith for the finances and help. I have tried a Go Fund Me accnt (link on top bar), etc but nothing has panned out. We have also checked all the government funded programs and we do not qualify for any of those either.