Todays ramblings

Well there is always a crazy amount to do.
September sales are down, store rent and house mortgage is due in October, & there’s credit cards to pay off.
The house still needs nearly as much work as it did a year ago. Winter is fast approaching, is supposed to be worse, & we barely made it through last year.
I need LOTS of insulation & plastic sheeting before winter!
My van is making scary noises & there’s no money to fix/replace it. I can’t even afford an oil change.
My phone (which is a major tool for my business) is all sorts of messed up and must be replaced by the 21st according to my cell provider.  That is more I dont have, not mention my plan price will go up because they were “bought by AT&T so the old towers are being shut down-causing the cell problems.”
I needed to LOWER my bill not be required to RAISE it. 😦

So I am looking at my options. I need to sit down and come up with new totals of all owed. And somehow how cut our costs even more.

I already do not use heat/air/lights when the kids aren’t home. I walk around in the dark freezing. I am going to take all my sewing equipment to the mall to use their utilities instead of ours here too soon. (Right now Im just not sewing so I dont use up utilities.)

We already do not have any “extras” at all– no cable, internet, etc. Although I do have internet on my phone to access my business page from home so I can reply to customers(& post these blog posts). THAT will most likely have to be completely DROPPED. $10 is $10. & I plan to go with my cheapest possible options.

And I am looking into renting out rooms again(my seeing & fabric rooms). It hasnt worked out before because people want a house that is totally remodeled AND has stuff like wifi & laundry if they have to pay rent-even if as little as $200/mth. Any less & I cant even cover their added utilities! (not that $200 will in the winter!) And what would I do if they move in & refuse to pay?? It could end up costing me MORE money.

So. Its going to take a lot of sit down & mapping.


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