Big Day For Midnight

So our youngest kitten, Midnight, is just over 5mths & heading to get fixed this morning. Poor little guy has no clue.

(Midnight was a gift left by LM just before her passing-LM was our rescue from last year. The scar tissue left from whatever injuries she had when we found her finally was just too much. She never was even able to meow.)

The plan was to get Midnight fixed & then Michael was supposed to take him. BUT now that Michael joined the army, well, I guess Midnight is staying here… at least for now. And being a BOY cat means getting him fixed ASAP before he starts spraying.

I had tried not getting attached as I didn’t plan on keeping him. But when it was time for them to take him, it was HARD. The poor baby had no idea what was about to happen. Hopefully he will just be happy to see me tomorrow & not be too angry. 😉  On the positive side, the guy only charged me $20. Im not sure why or if I pay the rest tomorrow or what. But hey, I wasn’t about to argue.

EVERY black cat there was named Midnight. I guess I could have been a little more creative with his name lol.


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