Your Name Here(underwear)

So I’ve heard over the years stories of “putting your name in your underwear.” Usually in jokes etc.

But today, doing laundry for 3 boys that are about the same size, I understand this on a whole new level!!

I’m sitting here sorting all sorts of types of clothing & have no clue who 1/2 of it belongs to!  Up til now, simply assigning each boy a certain color hanger & matching laundry basket was enough. And awhile ago I pitched ALL the socks & bought dozens of the SAME type/style of sock to ease the mismatch sock problem. But now they are in overlapping sizes & even I don’t know who’s stuff is whos!

They each have their own style so certain ‘outer item’ things are easy. But I now fully understand the REAL reason for ‘labeling your underwear’… & everything else– not because it could get lost, but because who wants to wear their brothers’ boxers??!! đŸ˜‰

So that’s it!! Where’s a marker??!!


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