Hello! (still kicking)

Well my world is a lonely place-constantly giving with no way to refill myself. I hold out hope that will change some day- that is what keeps me going.

My oldest son (19) has decided to enlist in the army. He apparently got very high on his military test  & has his pick of any active duty path he wants. Most likely whatever he choses be be highly classified & I wont have any idea where he is etc. Its scary.

I was offered a commercial shoot, advertising space in 1-2 movies, etc.   I was also offered an advertising spot for a county blog & facebook page.

The latter would cost $10 MORE, but both are reasonable.  The problem is I need A LOT of money to even be prepared to do either. I have no professional signage anywhere! At my front gate, around the mall, outside of the mall, or in my store such as section signs. I can’t afford a printer/ink so all the signs I do have I hand wrote.  I HAD banners outside the mall but someone stole them, clips & all.

I still need to come up with the $$$ for painting,  decor, & shelving. & A lot of other more seriously needed  things.

THIS is the turning point. That fine line between success & utter failure. If I had the above things, itd make a giant difference! But how??!! I tried applying for a loan but can’t prove enough income yet. So, to make it til now, I used credit cards. Now I owe arount $2,000.

BUT my 80+ clothing racks are paid off. I’ve put $$$ into buying stock for the store.

And that’s just the store.

I of course still have this house to remodel. I have some pretty serious issues here too, each carrying a hefty price tag. And Im scared of winter coming, as I hear this winter will be worse than last winter-which we barely survived. We are not eligible for ANY government funded programs at all due to the type of mortgage I have.

And overall I think the BIGGEST Issue is that Im doing all this ALONE. All the store stuff. All the house stuff. The housework, dr appts, etc. My health is being effected & I’m gaining a lot of weight. And I’m just sooo tired. No quality, educated man wants to take all this on. & I am NOT going to  settle for someone less now, that I will regret later.  I already lived that life for 13yrs! Never again!!

I just keep pushing myself one step at a time. I have no idea how this will all work or where I will get the money.

I dont know if I should go buy some poster board & hand write some signs & stick them out by the street NOW- even though it isnt very professional, or just wait & keep trying like I am now until I can afford fancy ones.

Well…. that is just some of the plates Im spinning right now. I gotta get back to laundry!

Oh & if you stumble across this, come find my new store on facebook!


~Clothing Your Whole Hive For LESS!!~


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