I get a kick out of people who think running your own business is easier than working for someone else. I knew how much work Id have to put in before hand because I took classes etc & started online, and gradually stepped up.

If it were easy EVERY one would not do it but succeed! I was already dealing with a full schedule but now am having to work myself so hard for no pay that my body is literally falling apart. It is a race to see which will happen 1st, my success or my final life altering break.

When I started this just a few short months ago, I was healthy & on zero pills. Now I’m on over a 1/2 dozen- for my heart, blood levels, etc. & of course the damage to my right knee, which is causing pain everywhere else due the rest of my body trying to compensate. I also put on stress weight-not from eating;  Im not eating much at all.

The store is coming together. Sales have doubled & are climbing but not as fast as they need to. I can’t even afford AC. 
Thats a race too– if things aren’t high enough before the weather  turns, I won’t have any way to be our personal heat bill. We barely made it through last year & lost 1/2 our plumbing to freezing pipes that I still cant afford to fix.

Also I wont even go into how many other important things I havent gotten to because there is just no.more.time. 

Yesterday, the boys chipped in-my 8yr old changed my sheets&pillow cases, & my 10yr old cut the grass with rotary cutter. (I haven’t checked the grass yet-but it couldnt have been worse than the overgrown mess that was out there.)
While I worked on laundry, cat baths, vacuuming, etc.

Today is another “off day.” We only have 1 appt this afternoon & the rest of the day will be filled with more house work. My kids are in school about 5 hrs today, & then have church tonight. I have to get stuff caught up but Im so exhausted it is affecting everything.


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