1st Weekend In Bigger Store

I still am considering this our “soft opening”– still working out kinks& have to change hours in 2 weeks when school starts back. Still have pricing, stocking, etc to do.

But hey, I built a 6300+sq ft store. By myself. I just look around & can’t tell you how. …& I can’t explain how this all fit in my HOUSE! LOL!

Anyway, this weekend had its curve balls, but sales were great. If this keeps up, then this was definitely the right move.

I ran all my #s (& my personal finances show it), this was definitely an investment! I litterally even had to roll every coin in our change jar. The guilt from that is tremedous as it was supposed to be for a vacation & even my kids put their change in it. 😦

June was very negative, July a little less, so I’m just praying it keeps getting better- which it looks like it will. But right now, I have no money… actually Im negative money. I can’t afford any of the stuff I really need for the business, & am struggling to find funds to even pay my home utility bill. And the stress has me broken out in hives, I’ve gained about 20lbs, & my heart etc are suffering to the point of medications & possible surgeries.

Most can’t live like this, & I see why so many fail. I am just holding my breathe, waiting to surface. I will NOT let this fail!

1/2 of store(it cant all fit in 1 pic anymore)






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