This Mornings Thoughts

Rethinking my Dr’s words yesterday. They didnt once preach I’m doing too much etc-guess they gave up? LOL! Maybe its because although my chest pain and other symptoms are much worse, my actual heart has stayed basically the same. & I was able to tell 1/2 the staff about my business. I NEED a printer so I can have cards&flyers to pass out! Im missing so many opportunities!

Anyway, the 3 younger boys are gone this weekend. My oldest just got braces and is hurting pretty bad-the one who rarely feels any pain. Im talkn’ shatters his leg in football yet didn’t flinch-he could use some prayer.

Yesterday was soooo slow-weird. I wonder if it was coincidence or because I had to close in the middle of the day? My FB likes did JUMP a lot over night though-other than bumping some ads, I have no idea what caused the fast jump. I think people are sharing my page for me, which is awesome. I wish FB would tell me.

I’m still taking one step at a time but its really hard. Yesterday I found out  “someone” stole my $50 banner at the entrance where another consignment place will be opening in the mall for like a week very soon. They require their consigners to buy hangers, price tags, print & affix their own barcodes, do all the prep work, AND pay a sign up fee etc, & after all that, IF you volunteer too, you get the same % I give MY consigners except I do all the work.  Also, a group from their store came in not too long ago & well, my cheerful hello, wasn’t very nice as they walked around checking my prices& whispering to each other.  Hmmmm wonder where my banner went??!!!  I do not have any $$$ to replace my banner. Or for the advertising/signage at all.

BUT I’m going to keep going. One step at a time. What else can I do….


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