More Progress


This whole thing is in God’s hands & I am in God’s will, which is good….because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing lol.

I paid off the 1st set of racks today, bringing me back down to $0.  I owe another $760 still on the 2nd set by next month. AND I still need another dozen racks & shelving etc, by next week. Not to mention paperwork fees, new banners, & much more. Grand opening is supposed to be 8/1, but I haven’t announced it yet, because I have no idea how it will happen-may just be a regular sales weekend like usual. I’m learning to be patient and not stress and see what God has planned.

Meanwhile, I have 19 new racks set up in the new space& have started sorting and hanging kids clothing.  Very little tagged yet though. I also have a total 4 trees and 2 plants so far for my unique decor idea– need A LOT more.  But I’m just taking small steps every day.

I go to the doctor Friday, right in the middle the my work day(ugh) & will most likely schedule my blankety blank in patient heart surgery at that time. I’m hoping for a Monday, so I can get my weekend work in, and will have a day or 2 to recover once I get out before that Friday of work again….. maybe I can postpone til Sept so I can be open 7 days per week in August- back to school shopping time.

My symptoms are definitely worse over the past month, so I guess it depends on what the dr says Friday…

Ok, calling it a night! 6am comes early!


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