Saturday/& Summary of Me

Slow & steady progress into the larger store. I got 3 more boxes of clothing in as ‘loose consignment’. It’s a term I created for items I get to choose the sales price on- generally items from friends who aren’t really worried about how much they make off the items. So, that jumped to the top of the priority list in my hanging/tagging. It is A LOT more work than it seems! I litterally have 1,000s of items that need hung & tagged by Aug 1st- there are at least 100 items in each size from preemie to Adult plus size & also themed racks like ‘swim wear’ & ‘dance/gymnastics’. & That’s just one urgent job of several.

For those who haven’t had time to read our back story- I’m a single mother of 4 & no other family etc helping me with all I do. My kids come to work with me most of the time, so they are underfoot while I handle all the business dealings.  I also purchased a 4,000sq ft historic home off the forclosure list last year & am single handedly fixing it myself. I had a child via rape at 14 & was disowned because I refused abortion. So we bounced around homeless shelters etc & being too young to even get a job, survived mainly by picking up change off downtown Cincinnati streets.
Even though it was a 45min bus ride each way, I still finished highschool, got my business voc degree, & bought my 1st house by 19-never touching welfare. Then I got dumb & spent 10+yrs in a horrible marriage, trying to build something for my kids that I never had. In early 2010, I started over- went back to school, then finally got brave enough to turn my part time hobby into a full time career. & those steps have now brought me to this very day–
a 1300sq ft store since June, & already expanding again (4th time in the last year&3rd in the last 7mths) to a 6300sq ft store. Oh yeah- & all 4 of my kids have various special needs & I myself have some pretty serious health problems too. (I go to the doctor next week to finally schedule my in patient heart surgery I’ve been putting off as the symptoms are now getting nearly unbareable at times.) My life up to 14 was about as bad. There has NEVER been a ‘easy’ or ‘calm’ part. (My heart issues are proof of that.)

So…. when I say I built all I have from nothing, I litterally mean NOTHING. MY goal in life is not to be a victim, but to show others that no matter where you start, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! No excuses. Just do *1* little step each day, know your end goal, & don’t look at the whole picture all at once. Just focus on and do it.


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