For some reason my posts say uploaded, but then when  I log in the next time, they say draft. hmmm

Anyway. It’s Wednesday. I still haven’t found any help-everyone is “too busy.” (This makes me mad, because I know for a FACT my life is way busier, yet I’m there when they need me!)  I keep having to stop and rest because of chest pains etc. But I keep reminding myself each step, no matter how small, is better than no step.

I pulled all the sealed bins out of the rafters, on my hands&knees, & moved all the 3rd floor boxes&bins over toward the steps. & I’ve gotten 3-4 down to the porch. I have enough left that could fill a uhaul atleast once, maybe 2 or 3 times. I’m sure at this point they are BREEDING when Im not looking!

I’m just getting frustated that my body is basically turning off in cycles & I cant just make myself keep going like I could before. & I’m upset that I litterally have no one in my life willing to help me. I did leave some messages with my oldest son, and waiting to hear back, but he has a job now where he works around the clock-a lot of times he even sleeps there.

It’s hard to make friends or meet anyone with the life I have. And the amount I do scares most everyone away. (I’m sure they are afraid I’ll ask for help!)

I have a pen pal who is a truck driver-only off the road 4 days/month(& lives 2hrs from us), so I at least know someone else who knows what working all.the.time is like. But the rest of the world seems oblivious.

I have this new, weird symptom while resting– it feels like ice droplets are falling on my hands/arms. Like a rain drop, but as cold as ice. It’s really odd. Right now its mainly my hands, but the 1st time it was my left shoulder while at work & I hadnt been doing any heavy lifting that day.

Well. I am going to make a couple more trips from the 3rd floor, then eat something, & then try to get a few more in. I will just stay up later if I have to keep taking these stupid breaks, to make up for it.

Thank you for stopping by & sharing in my ramblings. 😉


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