Today I litterally scraped every last penny I could find for another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: A mall upgrade from 1300sq ft I got in June (& already outgrew) to a 6300+sq ft space!!

Yes. That’s right. It is THAT huge. I’m not allowed to share the details, but it was too amazing to pass up!  It even has it’s own service court! (back area of my large business where trucks deliver stock)

It is scary & overwhelming. First, I now have to figure out how to survive on 1/8 tank of gas & no food for the rest of the week. The kids are away this week, which makes this alittle easier. Second, I have no help, a heart condition & not supposed to lift things, & a 3rd floor FULL of stock that I have to get from my home to the new store IMMEDIATELY with my minivan. (& did I mention a 1/8tank of gas lol)

If you have read much of my blog, you know these kind of battles haven’t stopped me yet. I got 1 van load over today, and 75sq ft swept & mopped…. hey, it’s a start!

I have this AMAZING plan for the decor! …. I just have no $$$ lol. Baby steps. I still owe $300 on clothing racks-due by Wednesday…yeah… & I need at least 2 dozen more clothing racks + shelving etc, right now. And signage. More permits etc. 

Anyway, again baby steps. Tomorrow I plan to drag bins down the 3 flights of stairs& take at least 1 more minivan load over. I am really nervous about the gas though. I also hope to catch the mall guys & see about getting more racks. (You know, before Wednesday when they expect the $300 for the other ones. lol.) And my heart stuff is a concern. Another month& I should get my surgery & close that chapter I hope. I’m very frustrated that I can’t do as much….well, shouldn’t anyway. 

But for now it’s off to bed…









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