FRIDAY Update!

Well, I am at the mall store and we are working hard!

I’ve answered a lot of questions about consigning, and the “mall people” are working of the electric and AC on the BIG, 3,600sq ft space next to me. Right now, we are using it for extra storage and PRAYING I can raise enough $$$ to move into THAT store by August.

Our current store is 1,300sq ft, and if you have read much of my blog, you know I am a “go big or go home” kinda person. 😉

I offer clothing in ALL SIZES from Preemie through adult 6X for boys, girls, men, women, & maternity. And lots of other stuff like shoes, toys, furniture- for babies/toddlers/kids. The bigger stuff takes up A LOT of room, and I currently can only fit 1 T rack worth of clothing per size in order to fit all sizes in this space.

I want extra space for not only more racks of regular clothing, but also racks for themes like “rain wear”, “snow wear”, “swim wear”, etc. I also only have 1 double rod rack for cloth diapers now, and would like to see that quadrupled. I also want nice, big, wide shelves for large baby toys that I’d rather not have dissected by shoppers’ older children while they are browsing. With that in mind, I want a “kid corral” type of place where children are free to roam freely within its walls, so parents can breathe a little easier while they shop. 😉

Like usual, I have BIG GOALS. 😉

The down side is that I need $2200 by August 1st to make it work….


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