To Do List

My whole body hurts so much I can barely move. I have to clear out the flea market space today & meet at mall for more racks & hangers. Money is beyond tight- have to figure out which top priorities are most important. They are all URGENT/required by Friday.

I of course also have to build a 6300 sq ft store by Thursday night- with 3 kids underfoot.

I am hitting that point where my body is flat out refusing to work. Ugh. Gota figure out how to get going…


This Mornings Thoughts

Rethinking my Dr’s words yesterday. They didnt once preach I’m doing too much etc-guess they gave up? LOL! Maybe its because although my chest pain and other symptoms are much worse, my actual heart has stayed basically the same. & I was able to tell 1/2 the staff about my business. I NEED a printer so I can have cards&flyers to pass out! Im missing so many opportunities!

Anyway, the 3 younger boys are gone this weekend. My oldest just got braces and is hurting pretty bad-the one who rarely feels any pain. Im talkn’ shatters his leg in football yet didn’t flinch-he could use some prayer.

Yesterday was soooo slow-weird. I wonder if it was coincidence or because I had to close in the middle of the day? My FB likes did JUMP a lot over night though-other than bumping some ads, I have no idea what caused the fast jump. I think people are sharing my page for me, which is awesome. I wish FB would tell me.

I’m still taking one step at a time but its really hard. Yesterday I found out  “someone” stole my $50 banner at the entrance where another consignment place will be opening in the mall for like a week very soon. They require their consigners to buy hangers, price tags, print & affix their own barcodes, do all the prep work, AND pay a sign up fee etc, & after all that, IF you volunteer too, you get the same % I give MY consigners except I do all the work.  Also, a group from their store came in not too long ago & well, my cheerful hello, wasn’t very nice as they walked around checking my prices& whispering to each other.  Hmmmm wonder where my banner went??!!!  I do not have any $$$ to replace my banner. Or for the advertising/signage at all.

BUT I’m going to keep going. One step at a time. What else can I do….

Bullet Dodged(for now)

I just got back from my specialist & can put off my heart surgery (for now) in lue of pills. (Yeah. more blankety blankety pills :-(… )

I’m under an etreme level of stress, but my color is better etc apparently. I stated things should calm down here soon after I get everything set up & going in the new store-which needs to be done by Friday. I hope Im right. 😉

Im headed to work on more of it between customers now.


Well, I put in another 4hrs this morning & 2hrs this evening, sorting & hanging clothes. I got 2 more over flowing carts of hangers & went through nearly all the pants ones already. This last batch I hung was around 150 items& I really didn’t make a dent.  Ugh.

I am going to focus on hand cutting, hand writing, & tagging from here on out. Only a little over a week left to be fully moved & open in the new store. I have no money at all, other than the change in the register. I am trying to stay calm & have faith. I am EXHAUSTED-Im somewhere over 60hrs so far for the week-headed home now to bathe while my kids are at church & aren’t home to cry til I get out. 😛

More Progress


This whole thing is in God’s hands & I am in God’s will, which is good….because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing lol.

I paid off the 1st set of racks today, bringing me back down to $0.  I owe another $760 still on the 2nd set by next month. AND I still need another dozen racks & shelving etc, by next week. Not to mention paperwork fees, new banners, & much more. Grand opening is supposed to be 8/1, but I haven’t announced it yet, because I have no idea how it will happen-may just be a regular sales weekend like usual. I’m learning to be patient and not stress and see what God has planned.

Meanwhile, I have 19 new racks set up in the new space& have started sorting and hanging kids clothing.  Very little tagged yet though. I also have a total 4 trees and 2 plants so far for my unique decor idea– need A LOT more.  But I’m just taking small steps every day.

I go to the doctor Friday, right in the middle the my work day(ugh) & will most likely schedule my blankety blank in patient heart surgery at that time. I’m hoping for a Monday, so I can get my weekend work in, and will have a day or 2 to recover once I get out before that Friday of work again….. maybe I can postpone til Sept so I can be open 7 days per week in August- back to school shopping time.

My symptoms are definitely worse over the past month, so I guess it depends on what the dr says Friday…

Ok, calling it a night! 6am comes early!

Saturday/& Summary of Me

Slow & steady progress into the larger store. I got 3 more boxes of clothing in as ‘loose consignment’. It’s a term I created for items I get to choose the sales price on- generally items from friends who aren’t really worried about how much they make off the items. So, that jumped to the top of the priority list in my hanging/tagging. It is A LOT more work than it seems! I litterally have 1,000s of items that need hung & tagged by Aug 1st- there are at least 100 items in each size from preemie to Adult plus size & also themed racks like ‘swim wear’ & ‘dance/gymnastics’. & That’s just one urgent job of several.

For those who haven’t had time to read our back story- I’m a single mother of 4 & no other family etc helping me with all I do. My kids come to work with me most of the time, so they are underfoot while I handle all the business dealings.  I also purchased a 4,000sq ft historic home off the forclosure list last year & am single handedly fixing it myself. I had a child via rape at 14 & was disowned because I refused abortion. So we bounced around homeless shelters etc & being too young to even get a job, survived mainly by picking up change off downtown Cincinnati streets.
Even though it was a 45min bus ride each way, I still finished highschool, got my business voc degree, & bought my 1st house by 19-never touching welfare. Then I got dumb & spent 10+yrs in a horrible marriage, trying to build something for my kids that I never had. In early 2010, I started over- went back to school, then finally got brave enough to turn my part time hobby into a full time career. & those steps have now brought me to this very day–
a 1300sq ft store since June, & already expanding again (4th time in the last year&3rd in the last 7mths) to a 6300sq ft store. Oh yeah- & all 4 of my kids have various special needs & I myself have some pretty serious health problems too. (I go to the doctor next week to finally schedule my in patient heart surgery I’ve been putting off as the symptoms are now getting nearly unbareable at times.) My life up to 14 was about as bad. There has NEVER been a ‘easy’ or ‘calm’ part. (My heart issues are proof of that.)

So…. when I say I built all I have from nothing, I litterally mean NOTHING. MY goal in life is not to be a victim, but to show others that no matter where you start, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! No excuses. Just do *1* little step each day, know your end goal, & don’t look at the whole picture all at once. Just focus on and do it.