The #s

Well van repairs total $1455.05- $443 due by tomorrow to get it back survivable.

I need  another $1500 by this next week to keep the mall store up and running.

& if one more person asks me “who helps you?” I am going to lose it. People just don’t get what NO HELP is…sigh…

I have people who “can’t wait to see how (I) solve this on my own like (I) always do.”  … or tell me what I SHOULD do: “you should post on Craigs List that you are a single mom & need someone to donate you a car.”
……um…. SERIOUSLY??! because I don’t get enough hate mail already for simply advertising my business- no thank you.
Or how I should walk all over town (w/3 kids in tow& a serious heart condition) asking for help etc…

It is all frustrating + frustrating.  Sigh…
What I have learned from this is how much I NEED this new store & for it to be successful as soon as possible. And I NEED to get our 1st floor done ASAP so I can rent out rooms… then put back more money & by another car!!

I just don’t have a plan on how exactly I will do it all yet… hmmm…


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