We have 2 locations open today/this weekend; The one at the mall & the one inside Pleasant Treasures. I don’t know the fate of either yet- one will stay & 1 will go by July or August I think.

Wow. August… it seems so close already. The start of school clothes season.

Anyway, it all rides on which location brings the most sales/rent. AND I have to raise enough for the mall deposit as well in order to go in to the regular lease. I only have til the end of June to try to raise the nearly $2,000 for that.

I got June banners yesterday!! They go up this morning at the mall- hoping that will help, as last week I did have sales, but no outside signs which was actually kind of surprising because no one really knew we were there.

I ended negative last weekend, only because of all my extra expenses involved like food& drinks, (stuck@mall without packed meals), etc. So, making sure to prepare ahead this time. 😉

Well, time to get kids up & get us out the door!!


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