DYK: The saddest part of doing the work needed to make it in life isn’t the stress, labor, finances, lack of support, etc etc– it is the crazy people who attack/threaten your business & family JUST because you ARE trying & they choose not too.

My goal is to SUCCEED, not only to support my family, (obviously we need food/clothing/roof over our heads) but just as importantly, show others if WE can make it, then ANYONE can. Our blog here shows where I started- my childhood was horrible. NOT an excuse. I have not been dealt the best cards throughout life. Or the best health. I don’t know/understand why. NOT an excuse. I get terrible, terrible messages from anonymous strangers trying to tear me apart. NOT.AN.EXCUSE.
I make the choice to keep getting up & trudging forward, and I must make this choice  It is very hard sometimes. It is VERY lonely. But I gotta get up, shake off the bad, & keep going. No excuses.

I hope to be an inspiration to all who see us:

~~No matter where U came from or where U are today, U can build your life into what U want it to Bee too!!~~



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