Only 4 days…

I spent the weekend moving stuff over by myself. Around the clock-very little sleep.

I am trying not to think about how alone I am in all this & how terrifying it all is.  The few who I thought I could trust, bailed. I have no money left-it is sunk into this 1st month.

I open in 4 days, on Friday. I have to finish & mail orders before then, get more racks, and make signs, as well as steam & tag several thousand clothing items…

I don’t know if/how we will make it over today. Or how I will get finished enough for this weekend. I don’t think I will have enough tagging strips to price everything- I only have 1,000. Not everything will get steamed by then-there’s no way.

But all I can do is try to do as much as I can.





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