Not For The Faint Hearted

It has been so stressful to get all this moving-especially by myself with my kids in tow.

I picked a space at the mall that seems perfect, picked a new store name/parent company, became an LLC, registered it all for taxes, bought 400+ fancy wooden hangers, & several meetings later….. the city contacts me & says my type of business is not allowed in that space.

So. more calls to the mall & city calls, & now I have to wait til
& go look at 5 more spaces…

I was already walking in blind faith– no idea where the money was going to come from for the 1,945 sq ft space, & now I find myself about to look at spaces DOUBLE that size!!

It’s either I go bigger or smaller, & I can’t fit all this stock in anything smaller… 3662, 4393, 4093 sq ft…

But how on Earth could this possibly work?? How do I make this work when we currently live on about $900/mth??!! This move could potentially increase our income by 90%. BUT it all requires already having money. I tried crowd funding (link in the topic bar along top of page) but it hasn’t really worked. And no one is going to give me a loan. And I have no family, etc of course. How can I make this work?

I have pending orders that need made, so really the biggest thing I have come up with is working non-stop through this 3 day weekend.
Which brings up more stress– no fun time with my kids & no way to buy year end teacher gifts–as that requires time & money…

This new store will help us soooo much. A- I can get all the stock out of our house so we can move in here again… B- I can then rent out rooms to help bring in funds… C- work & home can be seperate so I can focus on just home stuff when not working…. D- it will bring in income in a way my kids can be with me-the only legal way since I cant use childcare….E- the bigger the shop, the more stock I can offer for sale at once–no more putting out 10% of stock, hoping the sizes I put out will be what customers need that week, & having to constantly trade out items in case its not–in other words, less required busy work & more time for sewing so I can fill more orders, more quickly.  Yes. For once in my life, I’m focusing on the positives instead of what could go wrong…

….But where do I get the $$??!!  I can’t believe I am only $2,000-3,000 from making this work… there has to be something I can do FAST… if I wait to much longer, all the summer stock Ive prepped for this will be useless & Ill have to start all over again with winter stock. So. I need the money by the deadline THIS WEEK….


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