And More Waiting…

Well, my hospital tests weren’t good. It was a stressful day. I have too see another specialist today. Im told it may be fixable so we will see.

I did get good news during the mess. Once I get word from the mall, I have a lot of people wanting to help with a fundraiser event.

The mall. The mall still hasn’t called me back. I keep reminding myself its been less than a week but each day seems like an eternity. I cant set up the findraiser til I sign with the mall. I cant adertise til I sign with the mall. And I cant get all this stock out of my house til then either. Because stock is stacked all over my studio, its impossible to get to the 100+ diapers waiting on me. (Also $$ I really really need)

Once everything is out of my house, the plan is to rearrange the 1st floor and rent out 1-2 rooms- another way to get some funds coming in. So, all of the above is making the wait more nerve-racking.

I just keep trying to chip away at the stock and try to keep positive.


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