The Family

Christopher (13) got his 1st smart phone. And he has a girl friend. Between the 2, I probably won’t have eye contact from him again til age 18. 😉

Thomas (10) got up and dressed BY HIMSELF….E A R L Y today. :-0
Not only that, but he washed, put deoderant on, & his clothes even match…. sure, we changed his meds a week ago, but the true reason: Thomas is ♡in love♡… 😉
He met a little girl in speech therapy. So, for as long as this lasts, I will take it!

Andrew (8) is having odd mood swings lately. Nothing abnormal really, just suddenly toeing the line in the behavior department.

Michael(18) comes by to visit sometimes and it seems now that he is all grown up that he may be starting to realize I wasn’t as “terrible” as he thought during his teen years. He even said–gasp– he loves me on Mothers Day. 😉

Me(33): I am starting to feel better. I have more heart tests this week. I am just pushing myself to take the next step, one after another, one at a time in the right direction, & not think about the whole big picture at once. I know I can make this all work if I just follow the path.

The animals are all good except the kittens’.  I have to go get them medicine today. 

Anyway that is our update. I of course need to get back to work. Thank you for stopping by!


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