All set down the road for the Monroe location, today everything got sideswiped by a new offer.

A local mall wants me to come THERE instead. A bigger, brighter space for about the same price. Only difference is the deposit. So now I am kind of stuck.  Can I come up with additional $1000 I am short?  Do I postpone opening til July in order to obtain the extra licensing needed?

The place in the mall is the original retail floor size I had in mind, & also has what is equivalant to a small apt in the back room! sewing area, bathroom, kitchen, & a stock room.  It is an even bigger leap of faith though- a full year lease, part of my gross sales, & the deposit that I have no idea how to get.

But it makes the Monroe location look like a motel room….

What to do…what to do… how do I make this work??

(1/2 of mall space)


other 1/2…(the black is all big windows to the mall-currently covered bc its empty…

Then my phone died… c


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