Trying Hours on For Size

This week I started trying the potential hours for our Monroe shop.
Mon 4-8pm
Tues 12-8pm
Wed 4-8pm
Thurs 4-8pm
(Fri, Sat, Sun is Lindenwald Shop)

I picked these hours because it is less likely to interfere with all our appts. Here is the issue I found already… I naturally work better in the mornings & am exhausted by 8pm. Also, the idea of waiting so late to go in is trying-Im used to getting up early and getting it done. :-/ I have to keep in mind the surrounding businesses’ hours and people’s work schedules though…

Obviously today was day 1. Good thing Im getting ready 2 weeks ahead. And I need double the hours to pack alone.

Another issue is I am on my own for the big move. Every aspect will have to handled by myself.
I will have all 3 boys with me too, which will drastically cut back on  packing space. My big racks will not fit in my van.
The new shop is a 1/2 hour from our home-1hr each round trip. 
I have to move and set up 1,000sq ft of stuff in 1 day.
So I will most likely need a big scary UHaul…some how.
Some people really suck. I HATE false promises. I can’t stand fake people. I will not lower my morals and self respect for help though. I’d rather do it alone, with God on my side.

I still have lots of signs to make before 5/26 too. Just lots and lots to do… the main goal is to just stay faithful though-like Noah with the ark.


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