You Have To Put In The Work…

As the news comes in that another local childrens resale shop is closing, it comes time to step back and look at major keys to making a shop work:

* Advertise advertise advertise.
  I post often on my blog here, my business Facebook page(currently frozen& needs repaired 😦  ), FB groups, & Craigslist, etc. I have more in mind down the road.
  I also pass out 100s of flyers & cards per week.  I also plan on passing out flyers house to house.
I have noticed that when you let up on such things, #s start to drop. And the more I do it, the more people KNOW my business name than I could ever imagine.
  Also, we are making TONS of signs for my Lindenwald booth, church, yards, out front of new shop, etc.

*Have a large, easy to find what you need selection with great prices.
  I have clothing in EVERY size & price myself under competitors. I am not out to make massive money, only to cover my family’s monthly bills.  (under $1000/mth)

*Sell online!!
  You cant just set up, post hours, & sit and wait. I knew ahead I needed enough space for creating my handmade products between customers, as well as the ability to post items on our website, Facebook, & other advertising venues. 

* Schedule in-store activities!
  To do this, you have to have S P A C E.  I am keeping this in mind as I set up my shop. But, choosing the smaller shop will make this trickier.

Of course there is a lot more, but I need to get back to work. I currently only have sizes up through 3-6mths sorted, hung, tagged, & packed. (200+ items)  🙂

Sizes 6mths and up to go!! Eek!

Here is what I started with AFTER packing up 30+ bins of winter:



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