Busy Day At Home

Work lately has caused our giant house to get pushed to the back burner. So today I decided to mainly focus on the house. I had the boys assist me with what they could(they require constant hovering supervision to stay on task). 
I used to write ‘to do’ lists but its depressing because they NEVER END. So I started something new.

Here is my ‘done’ list.
* orders shipped
* 7 bags of food packed&taken to mail box for food drive
*kitchen purged&cleaned & PAINTED with a small sponge brush…because thats all I had. Til it finally broke…
*my room purged&vacuumed
*2 outdoor trash cans filled w/weeds from our bk parking lot(I own a GIANT  home that was turned into apts. see last years posts)
*3 cats bathed (LM, tiger, midnight. best soap for cats of any age is plain blue Dawn dish soap)
*cleaned all cat litter boxes
*purged laundry room
*did a little on front porch (better than nothing)
*wrote grocery list
* fed our entire ZOO
& Michael stopped by to take Christopher out & while here carried a BIG bin upstairs for me

…Im sure there is more-but thats off yhe top of my head… 😉

All & all a productive day.


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