Monroe/Liberty Township!

It’s scary to think that in less than a month I will have another location- the biggest yet- up, open, & running AND that I will be doing all this on my own with my kids in tow.

This new location will be on Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.

It is 1/2 the size of what I have envisioned, BUT less financial risk. Well… the retail part is about 500sq ft I guess- I havent measured yet. It DOES have an office space as well for my sewing stuff & a hang out spot for the boys.

Today, I start ‘working’ the planned hours in order to start adjusting. Honestly, I already work many more hours than those store hours, and have been already working most of the day on signage, labels, etc. But I plan to try to stay in my studio the “shop hours” sorting & packing for the move. These hours are mostly afternoons-evenings so I will miss less work due to the appts we have. I will admit that having to commit to work EXACT hours every day, every week is very scary, and part of why I have procrastinated on this next step. Another reason is taking this step BEFORE I have the funds to cover it all. That is when the negative ‘what ifs’ start pouring in! “What if no one finds me?… If I dont make enough to cover bills? If I totally fail? Can I run 2 shops at once AND my household??!!”

If I can somehow scrape up any extra money at all, I think I will get a U-Haul. I was planning on Jason’s help, but he is MIA for an unknown amount of time due to a family crisis. That is another painful issue that deeply hurts-I am trying to step back & understand. We have only been dating 2 months and he is still not used to having someone he can depend on. I feel kind of selfish taking it so personally. He came to me and explained the situation and that he would be shutting out the world for probably the next week, while he travels across state to be with his family right now.  Having no family except my kids myself, the idea of what he is going through is logical but completely foreign to me.

It left me trying to remember how I functioned prior to January, and that is when I decided I need to plan to handle this new step alone & make sure I have the faith & confidence to do just that. Of course, if things are back to normal in 3 weeks, I will gladly accept his help-but knowing I have a plan either way will help me remember I CAN do this by myself.

When it comes to the move, I am probably like 1% packed. That is scary too. And of course, my health isn’t good right now. I have been more tired and just yucky feeling lately. So it is time to figure out a time budget and work faster no matter what!


Ok, time to get back to planning….Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a message below.


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