BIG UPDATE-newest shop, my health, kittens&more

– my health isn’t much better. still weak, tired, & pale as a ghost.

-kittens are still doing well. (born 4/30, 9pm) still blind little puff balls, trying to crawl around. LM still refuses to put them anywhere but MY bed. :-/ Ive tried lots of places, but she just gives me a dirty look & moves them back.


– Looks like I FOUND A STORE FRONT! Its about 1/2 the size than I wanted, but less financially scary. Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
I almost put everything on pause with my health stuff, but I can sit at home, squeeze around stock trying to sew but unable to sell- or sit at our outgrown Lindenwald location, weekends only unable to work on production, OR get this next location where I can set up MORE merchandise & between customers get my sewing caught up.
I have no clue how I will do all this by myself! Thankfully Jason plans to help with moving stock &  building racks- but as a single father with HIS own business his schedule is crazy too.
So, I have A LOT OF WORK to do myself- sorting, hanging, tagging, steaming, etc- this week. As much prep as humanly possible.

– So far this week we have at least *6* Dr/therapy appts scheduled. “We” of course is me doing all the shuttling etc. And a minimum of 12hrs cut out of my already tight window to get ready for newest shop!

– I GOT MY CCW CERT! I still hate guns, but as a single woman with her own home & shop, it is a must these days. I went in barely able to lift the gun & not even able to hit the big stupid target from like 10′ away (& sure I was gonna fail), to an hour later able to hit the head of a bowling pin from several yards away. Not bad for no experience before I guess. (Also thankful Jason provided the $300 in ammo it took me & didn’t give up on me lol.)
We learned not only how to shoot from 1 spot, but also to pull from hip, & shoot while retreating back, as well as moving side to side while shooting multiple targets. Also you have to be able to cock & shoot from either single hand & using both eyes-in case something were to happen to your dominent hand or eye. It was definitly thorough! The class is 12hrs long so they fit in all the lessons & scenerios.  Jason wants to drag me… um i mean, take me shooting regularly now to help me get more used to it.

Alright. If I don’t get started on all the stuff around here, I’ll never be ready! Time to get busy!


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