Will hopefully get to start moving this weekend! Soft open June 6th…. every Friday, Saturday, Sunday in June.

I have 1 month to prove myself to the mall.

The only thing keeping me from a key is insurance- waiting for them to call me back…


Not For The Faint Hearted

It has been so stressful to get all this moving-especially by myself with my kids in tow.

I picked a space at the mall that seems perfect, picked a new store name/parent company, became an LLC, registered it all for taxes, bought 400+ fancy wooden hangers, & several meetings later….. the city contacts me & says my type of business is not allowed in that space.

So. more calls to the mall & city calls, & now I have to wait til
& go look at 5 more spaces…

I was already walking in blind faith– no idea where the money was going to come from for the 1,945 sq ft space, & now I find myself about to look at spaces DOUBLE that size!!

It’s either I go bigger or smaller, & I can’t fit all this stock in anything smaller… 3662, 4393, 4093 sq ft…

But how on Earth could this possibly work?? How do I make this work when we currently live on about $900/mth??!! This move could potentially increase our income by 90%. BUT it all requires already having money. I tried crowd funding (link in the topic bar along top of page) but it hasn’t really worked. And no one is going to give me a loan. And I have no family, etc of course. How can I make this work?

I have pending orders that need made, so really the biggest thing I have come up with is working non-stop through this 3 day weekend.
Which brings up more stress– no fun time with my kids & no way to buy year end teacher gifts–as that requires time & money…

This new store will help us soooo much. A- I can get all the stock out of our house so we can move in here again… B- I can then rent out rooms to help bring in funds… C- work & home can be seperate so I can focus on just home stuff when not working…. D- it will bring in income in a way my kids can be with me-the only legal way since I cant use childcare….E- the bigger the shop, the more stock I can offer for sale at once–no more putting out 10% of stock, hoping the sizes I put out will be what customers need that week, & having to constantly trade out items in case its not–in other words, less required busy work & more time for sewing so I can fill more orders, more quickly.  Yes. For once in my life, I’m focusing on the positives instead of what could go wrong…

….But where do I get the $$??!!  I can’t believe I am only $2,000-3,000 from making this work… there has to be something I can do FAST… if I wait to much longer, all the summer stock Ive prepped for this will be useless & Ill have to start all over again with winter stock. So. I need the money by the deadline THIS WEEK….

And More Waiting…

Well, my hospital tests weren’t good. It was a stressful day. I have too see another specialist today. Im told it may be fixable so we will see.

I did get good news during the mess. Once I get word from the mall, I have a lot of people wanting to help with a fundraiser event.

The mall. The mall still hasn’t called me back. I keep reminding myself its been less than a week but each day seems like an eternity. I cant set up the findraiser til I sign with the mall. I cant adertise til I sign with the mall. And I cant get all this stock out of my house til then either. Because stock is stacked all over my studio, its impossible to get to the 100+ diapers waiting on me. (Also $$ I really really need)

Once everything is out of my house, the plan is to rearrange the 1st floor and rent out 1-2 rooms- another way to get some funds coming in. So, all of the above is making the wait more nerve-racking.

I just keep trying to chip away at the stock and try to keep positive.


All set down the road for the Monroe location, today everything got sideswiped by a new offer.

A local mall wants me to come THERE instead. A bigger, brighter space for about the same price. Only difference is the deposit. So now I am kind of stuck.  Can I come up with additional $1000 I am short?  Do I postpone opening til July in order to obtain the extra licensing needed?

The place in the mall is the original retail floor size I had in mind, & also has what is equivalant to a small apt in the back room! sewing area, bathroom, kitchen, & a stock room.  It is an even bigger leap of faith though- a full year lease, part of my gross sales, & the deposit that I have no idea how to get.

But it makes the Monroe location look like a motel room….

What to do…what to do… how do I make this work??

(1/2 of mall space)


other 1/2…(the black is all big windows to the mall-currently covered bc its empty…

Then my phone died… c

The Family

Christopher (13) got his 1st smart phone. And he has a girl friend. Between the 2, I probably won’t have eye contact from him again til age 18. 😉

Thomas (10) got up and dressed BY HIMSELF….E A R L Y today. :-0
Not only that, but he washed, put deoderant on, & his clothes even match…. sure, we changed his meds a week ago, but the true reason: Thomas is ♡in love♡… 😉
He met a little girl in speech therapy. So, for as long as this lasts, I will take it!

Andrew (8) is having odd mood swings lately. Nothing abnormal really, just suddenly toeing the line in the behavior department.

Michael(18) comes by to visit sometimes and it seems now that he is all grown up that he may be starting to realize I wasn’t as “terrible” as he thought during his teen years. He even said–gasp– he loves me on Mothers Day. 😉

Me(33): I am starting to feel better. I have more heart tests this week. I am just pushing myself to take the next step, one after another, one at a time in the right direction, & not think about the whole big picture at once. I know I can make this all work if I just follow the path.

The animals are all good except the kittens’.  I have to go get them medicine today. 

Anyway that is our update. I of course need to get back to work. Thank you for stopping by!

Trying Hours on For Size

This week I started trying the potential hours for our Monroe shop.
Mon 4-8pm
Tues 12-8pm
Wed 4-8pm
Thurs 4-8pm
(Fri, Sat, Sun is Lindenwald Shop)

I picked these hours because it is less likely to interfere with all our appts. Here is the issue I found already… I naturally work better in the mornings & am exhausted by 8pm. Also, the idea of waiting so late to go in is trying-Im used to getting up early and getting it done. :-/ I have to keep in mind the surrounding businesses’ hours and people’s work schedules though…

Obviously today was day 1. Good thing Im getting ready 2 weeks ahead. And I need double the hours to pack alone.

Another issue is I am on my own for the big move. Every aspect will have to handled by myself.
I will have all 3 boys with me too, which will drastically cut back on  packing space. My big racks will not fit in my van.
The new shop is a 1/2 hour from our home-1hr each round trip. 
I have to move and set up 1,000sq ft of stuff in 1 day.
So I will most likely need a big scary UHaul…some how.
Some people really suck. I HATE false promises. I can’t stand fake people. I will not lower my morals and self respect for help though. I’d rather do it alone, with God on my side.

I still have lots of signs to make before 5/26 too. Just lots and lots to do… the main goal is to just stay faithful though-like Noah with the ark.

Busy Day At Home

Work lately has caused our giant house to get pushed to the back burner. So today I decided to mainly focus on the house. I had the boys assist me with what they could(they require constant hovering supervision to stay on task). 
I used to write ‘to do’ lists but its depressing because they NEVER END. So I started something new.

Here is my ‘done’ list.
* orders shipped
* 7 bags of food packed&taken to mail box for food drive
*kitchen purged&cleaned & PAINTED with a small sponge brush…because thats all I had. Til it finally broke…
*my room purged&vacuumed
*2 outdoor trash cans filled w/weeds from our bk parking lot(I own a GIANT  home that was turned into apts. see last years posts)
*3 cats bathed (LM, tiger, midnight. best soap for cats of any age is plain blue Dawn dish soap)
*cleaned all cat litter boxes
*purged laundry room
*did a little on front porch (better than nothing)
*wrote grocery list
* fed our entire ZOO
& Michael stopped by to take Christopher out & while here carried a BIG bin upstairs for me

…Im sure there is more-but thats off yhe top of my head… 😉

All & all a productive day.