When It Rains, It Pours (litterally)

Yep. So, new social worker coming out today in 4hours to do an assessment of our home for possibly getting a home health aid…

Here I am with my health issues right now, but still trying to get stuff somewhat together before her arrival… annnd I hurt my ankle really bad trying to move stuff. There went dragging the dozen boxes of off season business stuff to our 3rd floor. THEN, our washer just broke and flooded our 2nd floor…( it’s a triple loader.).. I’m talking a good 1/2″ of standing water in the laundry room, (also where the cat litter boxes are, yep) into our hall carpet, etc. Under 3 double rod racks full of hang-drying clothes & hangers (we don’t have dryer hook up yet.) Goodbye fresh, dry towels.

So. It is all out of my hands. Today’s worker visit will either go really good (holy crap, yes, they need an aid!) OR really bad (holy crap, call the authorities-this lady’s house is a flooded mess).

Yep. One of THOSE days…


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