Saturday’s Outside Experience

Our outside day on Saturday was eventful. When we set up, there was no wind. Then I ran home and came back to a windblown mess. Nothing was keeping stuff ancored. Also, someone occupied my employee, while another stole all our money from a cash bag she left sitting on the chair. 😦
I wasn’t even gone that long. The theft& attempted theft was just crazy. It was really upsetting. One, I can’t believe people I just talked to about me/my kids/our life would turn around & steal from me. And two, I told the employee about 100 times to never never never set the money down and walk away& to watch people because they will steal stuff. Then you had the parents who werent watching their kids AT ALL. They were clear across the parking lot, while their kids were ramsacking booths and stealing stuff.
And even with 3 coats of sunblock, I got burnt. Jason was set up next to me & much worse. He looked like a purple lobster. I tried to get him to put sunblock on, but he wouldn’t listen. 😛

Overall, I did do better outside, but not enough for all the hassle. Nothing really worked out as planned, but we survived.


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